Coffee Machines Have Been Hit With A Bug, Literally

Most people would prefer not to call any sort pest control, such as pest control in Newcastle, especially calling them to deal with an issue in the kitchen. This is because if a household needs that kind of help, it means the pests are out of control, or at least bad enough the homeowners need expert assistance in dealing with it.

Which makes the case of Adrian Turner in the UK, who had baby cockroaches scuttling out of his newly repaired De’Longhi coffee maker. The odd thing about their issue is that this didn’t occur after they bought the appliance, but after they sent it to a De’Longhi service location in Havant, Hampshire. Naturally, they contacted the company about the issue, who then had them sign a “release agreement”, which meant that the company would hold no responsibility about the issue. The company staff even explicitly admitted that their service workshop had a cockroach infestation.

The Turners refused to sign the “release agreement” as part of the document suggested that their complaint to the company was of dubious and questionable nature, with the payment to the couple, according to the paper, made not as an admission of the company’s liability. Which of course was a lie, as the company not only set back the machine, which didn’t have cockroaches in it, with cockroaches, and that they had outright confessed to having a cockroach infestation in their service workshop.

The company released a statement saying that the issue was due to the Turners being unhappy with the way the company handled their issue, and that the way they worked with the Turners on their issue was standard practice, with the customers being ask to sign a claims form to confirm their agreement to the company’s methods. They also note that their offer to the Turners, which offered £88 plus full coverage of the costs of dealing with the roaches as long as the Turners agree to the form.

According to a coffee machine manufacturer, which has opted to remain anonymous, the industry is fully aware of the fact that cockroaches do make their way into coffee machines. Coffee machines are dark, moist and has a lot of nutrients in them, things that cockroaches are attracted to. The Turners’ case simply brought this issue to light.

And it’s not just in the UK that this issue happens, Google, Reddit, and YouTube have videos and discussion boards about this kind of issue, showing just how bad the issue really is. Regardless of how a lot of the results are from the US, it’s still a serious issue for pest control in Newcastle, or anywhere else to take note of, as it is a serious health hazard.