Defence of Brisbane Councillor’s $ 300,000 office ward fit-out

Brisbane Councillor Krista Adams was made to defend the $300,000 of taxpayer money spent on the furbishing of her new ward office, with detractors and critics decrying and accusing her of largesse. For those unaware, Merriam-Webster defines largesse as the” liberal giving (as of money) to or as if to an inferior”, or, in simpler terms, the excessive allotment of money towards a single thing.

At the first Brisbane City Council, Krista Adams, councillor of Holland Park, found herself seated in the hot-seat, assaulted by Labour opposition, who keenly inquired about the $303,560 contract on her brand-new office ward. Labour leader Peter Cumming asked what the city of Brisbane would benefit from their spending of $303,560 for the fitting-out of her new office ward. The councillor responded that, on account of her former ward of Wishart ceasing to exist, she did not have an office. She then compounded that she finds it surprising that her fellow councillors find the fact that she asked for an office built within her ward.  According to her, the new Holland Park ward lacked an office within its boundaries based on the recent redistribution.

She then pointed out that since Holland Park was mostly residential, commercial spaces were at a premium, and, consequently, quite expensive. She continues on her defence, stating her new office was built in former retail space, ill-fit for an office ward. She then states that the Council would’ve preferred that a new ward office not be constructed, but that Electoral Commission of Queensland’s boundary forced the circumstances leading to the current situation.  Cr Adams, stated that it cost $2000/m2 to set her office, a price she claims as reasonable, on account of the having the same bill as the 2009 office construction as Labour councillor Shayne Sutton.

Cr Cummings, however, responded by stating that he, and his fellow Labour councillors found the pricing of the office space’s refurbishing reasonable. He finished it off by stating that he looks forward to seeing the auditing on the new office space.

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