Delhi Airport To Solve Noise Pollution

One of the problems common in every airport is the noise pollution and windows to block out noise are not enough to reduce noise level. The IGI airport is looking for ways to minimize the noise pollution inside the facility. Recommendations are given by the National Green Tribunal to the Ministry of Civil Aviation regarding the aircraft’s use of reverse thrust which should be judgment based. The tribunal also suggested sound barriers to be constructed along with a green belt surrounding the boundary wall of the airport.

Reverse thrust is also known as thrust reversal which will temporarily divert the exhaust of an aircraft engine. Instead of moving backwards, the exhaust will move forward which will result in slower speed and lesser noise.

A committee spearheaded by Justice Swatanter Kumar, chairman of NGT, sent instructions in order to reduce the noise emitted by the aircraft while taking off or landing at the airport.

The tribunal mandated the ministry as well as the designated authorities to conduct measures that will lessen noise pollution. They will be referring to the Environment Ministry’s report.

According to the order, aircrafts which will be landing at the IGI and domestic airport located in New Delhi should employ reverse thrust only after considering the weather, wind and runway length. This is in an effort to minimize landing noise.

The green panel also mandated that vehicles operating inside the airport such as buses and coaches should be under CNG and they must follow the emission standards required.

Justice Jawad Rahim, member of the bench committee, said that all vehicles found to be not under CNG should undergo conversion until six months from notice.

The NGT refused to place night curfew on aircrafts that are taking-off and landing at the said airport. The tribunal did not approve the plan to soundproof nearby houses. Homeowners will have to facilitate installing windows to block out noise coming from the airport. Every hour, there are between 80 and 82 flight within the Delhi airport thus curfew is not a rational measure nor will it promote sustainable development.