The Different Myths About Teaching English As A Foreign Language (TEFL)

Thailand – March 6, 2016 – If you are interested in becoming a TEFL teacher, you should know that while you will be able to live in a foreign country and be provided with easy travel opportunities, teaching English as a foreign language is not easy to do. While most people have always looked upon teaching as a less prestigious profession, it is one of the noblest professions in the world.

There have been many myths concerning TEFL teachers, often spawned from the mouth of those who have no understanding of the profession. Here are some of them.

  1. TEFL teachers don’t really have to teach. This is probably the most popular and the biggest misconception that people have with TEFL teachers. First and foremost, the main reason why TEFL teachers travel and live in foreign countries is because they have been sent there to teach. TEFL teachers that often teach at government institutions or even private schools and they will be required to submit lesson plans, teach English, and write exams so that there is proof that students have actually learned something.
  2. TEFL teachers live in paradise. No, teachers do not live in paradise. Most people think that TEFL teachers only have to do a couple hours ‘teaching’ English to their students and then spend the rest of the day doing their own thing and having fun. That isn’t true. TEFL teachers follow the same schedule that normal teachers do when working in schools or private institutions.
  3. All expenses paid for TEFL jobs. While there is a possibility that flights may be reimbursed upon completion of the contract and while TEFL teachers may received basic accommodation budget, this doesn’t happen too often. When there is free accommodation, you can only expect teachers to live inside the school with a small room and a mere bedsit. However, this would all have to depend on the agency and TEFL teachers would still need to save money before they get to start teaching in the case something goes awry.
  4. Any native English speaker can become a TEFL teacher. In order to become a TEFL teacher, you would need a TEFL certificate at the minimum. Some TEFL positions even require degrees and even if you have both a TEFL certificate and a degree, it still does not guarantee you a position.

So if you wish to become a TEFL teacher only because you believe the myths stated above, then you should probably reconsider doing so. But if you are still interested in teaching English as a foreign language regardless of what is stated above, then you should probably explore TEFL courses in Thailand.