Drone To Be Used In Medical Deliveries

The Indian Institute of Public Health is currently developing a drone delivery system that will make it possible to transport medical products without having to use road vehicles. Researchers are positive that this new development will reduce the time and cost incurred in cases where medical products are in needed immediately. It is expected to have no huge impact with healthcare logistics because the drone can only care small and lightweight items.

The model of the Digital Drone is inspired by the Real Time Advanced Medical Modular logistics system. According to Suresh Munuswamy, Health Informatics’ program coordinator, they are expecting that the drones will be used to deliver medical products where it is urgently neededwith the use of drone alone. He said that these medical products could be medicines, blood samples and vaccines.

He added that the institute is currently creating their own design for the drone which will satisfy the requirement needed for tasks which it will be used including the specifications, carrying capacity and travel distance that the drone can handle. He explained that their main priority is to set the specifications and then they will move on to the actual design of the product before they look for partners that can provide them with the technology they are looking for in order to make it a possibility.

It is important to determine the specifications because not all drones can travel the same length of distance. The medical products which are going to be transported will be placed inside a digital carrier box wherein the temperature and the item inside can be monitored while it is traveling on air.

The institute decided to create a partnership with John Hopkins University, a university based in the United States, in order to make the carrier box with temperature control. This technology is not expected to replace the healthcare logistics because it is very limited in many ways but it is considered to be a good alternative if the product is within specification. It is not only cost effective but transport time is also much faster compared to travelling by road.