East Dundee Planning To Update Signage Downtown

East Dundee has devised a proposal for an initiative that will help them change the downtown signage. In order to do this, they need donation worth $35,000 for standardizing and rebranding. This initiative is not a cheap one according to a company specializing in corporate signage in Brisbane because it means a complete overhaul.

The money will be coming from Otto Engineering in Carpentersville which they paid as settlement. This will be put to good use to beautify downtown and portion will also be use for marketing the district. Officials from the East Dundee committee had a general village meeting where they talked about the funding which will help pay for a new logo as well as a cohesive package of signage that will be installed in shops, restaurants and events in the area for promotion purposes.

Jennifer Johnsen, the village administrator, said that the current signage system in downtown area is not organized. The signs are cluttered everywhere and the word and designs are not complementing or does not follow a certain theme for uniformity. Based on the latest strategic planning meeting, one of the goals is to improve the current signage.

She added that they do not adhere to consistent branding therefore they will have to change things on a comprehensive level.

The committee was made responsible for identifying the best ways to spend the donation they received from Otto. To begin with, a part of the money will probably be spent in a rebranding initiative to make sure that everything from the logo to the design is uniform and consistent.

Scott Andresen and Kirstin Wood, the trustees of the committee, ordered the staff members to look into the total cost of ordering two new signs for the village which will provide space for local organization to hang their own promotional materials.

The committee is also researching about wayfinding signs, similar to the ones offered by company specializing in corporate signage in Brisbane, which can be attached to light poles located on the outskirt of the village’s downtown area. Johnsen said that these signs will lead the drivers back to event locations and businesses within the main square.