Events Industry Flock To Events Uncovered

Hundreds upon hundreds of people in the event hire in Sydney industry flocked to the Argyle this 3rd of July, for a gathering of the industry meant to improve upon its practices, as well as show off with an exciting party meant to entertain attendees, one that has been met with positive reception.

The event was organised by Interpoint Events, with Simon Cooper saying that the event had delivered once again. He says that it managed to achieve its goals; providing event planners and event hire in Sydney an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in their industry as well as discuss the future. The event, he describes, had several brilliant speakers in great venues, with feedback from attendees showing what Cooper hoped they would get from the event; inspiration for their work.

Client Strategy Director LizziLovegrove led This Space, who had its first exhibit in the event this year, says that the team had a great time, describing it as akin to a party with the favourite people in the industry.

TCM Events Director Jill Coviz, who is also CEO of FUNLOCKA, says that the setup was great, but there’s still some potential to improve. She says that it might be worthwhile for it to expande into Sake in order to accommodate more suppliers from the industry.

Delegates were taught on the importance of getting event photography right from Shane O’Neil, Mercedes Ibbett spoke on how to properly budget incentive programs, andetouches’ Matt White, InfoSalons’ Jo-Anne Kelleway and Entegy’s Graeme Caplen discussed the latest technological innovations in the industry. There were other speakers in the event, all of which shared knowledge on the industry; things like the usefulness of storytelling, creativity, and the like for PCOs.

The last speakers was a panel of Blumette’s Tonia Blume, This Space’s Julia Barnard, and Pages’ Stephen Thatcher, which was a discussion on where trends in the industry originate and how to spot them.

Once the sun set, the Argyle’s courtyard was closed off in order to hold an exclusive networking event. Guests were sheltered by a marquee from Pages, with entertainment and music from Musicland setting the mood.