Five Common Faqs Related To Painting On Freshly Plastered Walls

Plastering and painting the walls of a room is an easy way to give it a makeover. Most of the homeowners are tempted to take up plastering and painting as a do-it-yourself project but plastering is a high skilled work and it is better to leave it to the professionals.

Hiring experienced and reputed plasterers in Sydney for your home improvement project helps you have peace of mind that your home is in safe hands and you will get the desiredend result. Here are some answers from experienced plasterers for the most common plastering and painting queries from homeowners.

  1. What is the minimum duration required for the plaster to set?

The time required for a plaster to set varies depending on a lot of factors such as the type of plaster used, the number of coats applied, the surface on  which the plastering is done and the temperature and humidity in the home.

  1. What is the required waiting period required before painting on a new plaster?

Most of the plasterers in Sydney advice to wait till the plaster is completely dry. It is better to wait for at least a week before starting the painting work on new plaster. Check for a uniform colour all over the surface, which indicates that the plastered has completely dried before starting painting. Wait for some more days, if there are any dark patches on the plastered surface.

  1. Should I get a Mist coat before painting?

According to professional plasterers in Sydney, applying a Mist Coat on freshly plastered surface is very important step that should not be avoided. It helps in achieving a good finish and also makes the paints to last longer. The Mist Coat can be easily prepared by diluting any light coloured emulsion in water. The diluted Mist coat will sink into the wall and seal the surface, providing a perfect base for the paint.

  1. Is it required to sand down the surface before painting?

Sanding the surface is not required if the plastering work is done by highly experienced plasterers in Sydney, who provide high quality work with prefect finishing. Sometimes plasterers prefer to sand down the walls to remove any minor imperfections on the surface.

  1. Can I take up painting as a do-it-yourself project?

When you are planning a makeover for your home, it is always better to trust the experts. Handover the plastering and painting job to the experienced plasterers in Sydney to get the professional finish and improve the aesthetics of your home.