Five Important Steps In Motorcycle Buying Process

Buying a new motorcycle of a reputed brand is a dream come true for many biking enthusiasts. The shiny new bike provides freedom to navigate the city traffic with ease. However, before riding out of the Honda dealership with your brand new bike, here are some tips to keep in mind.


License is compulsory legal requirement to ride a motorcycle. Enrol for motorcycle riding classes with any Honda approved motorcycling schools. You can also take a test with the local DMV  to obtain a license. In order to take a test ride of new Honda motorcycles, you need to present a copy of your license to the dealership. Moreover, having riding experience will make it easy to determine the kind of motorbike to buy.

Evaluate your requirements

This is the advice given by almost all of the professional bikers. It is essential to evaluate your requirements before making a purchase decision. Consider the weight, engine capacity and size, seating and price of the motorcycle as some of the deciding factors. Select a motorcycle depending on your body structure, riding style and riding experience. For example, persons of small height should not opt for large bikes. The feet of the biker should firmly touch the ground while he is seated on the bike. In the same way, a high engine capacity bike is not suitable for first time bikers as it will be too difficult to handle. A visit to an authorized dealer who sells used and new Honda motorcycles can help you to determine the right motorcycle that suits your personality and requirements.

Visit and test ride

Once you determine the type of motorcycle, visit authorized dealerships in your neighbourhood. Get reference from family and friends and shortlist a professional Honda dealership that sells new Honda motorcycles and visit a few of them. The salesman at the dealership can guide you through the different models of motorbikes and their features. Shortlist a few models that suit your requirement and fit in your budget and ask for a test ride. A test ride will help you to get the original feel of the bike and evaluate the riding performance and comfort.

Financing and insurance

The next step in the purchase process is to search for finance options and buy insurance. Consult different banks and financial institutions for financing your motorcycle. Some dealerships also offer financing and insurance quotes to their clients.

Motorcycle and riding gear

Buying the right motorcycle storage and riding gear is also very important to protect the bike and yourself. Most of the authorized dealers selling used and new Honda motorcycles also stock motorcycle storage and security equipment like locks, chains etc. you can also buy riding gear from these dealers.