Five Popular Tourist Attractions In Phuket

Phuket is a beautiful resort island in Thailand. It is popular for its colourful nightlife, raving party scene and the popular Thai massage parlours. Millions of tourists visit Phuket every year for a relaxing beach vacation.

Visiting a Phuket spa, is one must-do activity while in Phuket. There are a number of spa and massage parlours in Phuket and Patong. Tourists can choose from an interesting menu of authentic Thai massages and therapies. However, you have to be careful while walking into a spa, choose a well-known and reputed spa to be safe.

Apart from relaxing at the Phuket spa and enjoying the nightlife, there are many other tourist attractions in Phuket. Some of them are

Old town

Tourists can visit the Phuket old town to catch a glimpse of the beautiful colonial style buildings and houses. The old city provides tourists with an authentic vibe of the place. Tourists can explore the old city at their own pace and enjoy visiting the stores and eateries here.

Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is a forty five metre tall statue of Buddha. The white marble statue is very impressive. Tourists can also enjoy panoramic views of the Island from the summit.

Bangla road

Head to the soiBangla, if you are in the mood to have some fun. The lively street is filled with a number of go-go bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants, street side eateries and international standard night clubs. This is the most happening street in Phuket and Patong to enjoy the nightlife.

Freedom beach

Visit the Freedom Beach, which is located in Western part of Phuket. The white sand beach is dotted with granite stones and surrounded by mountains. The secluded beach is the right place, if you want to spend a relaxed afternoon sunbathing and snorkelling.

Phuket walking street

The walking street is located in the older part of the city. It is the best place to sample authentic Thai cuisine at the famous street food stalls, shop for Thai artefacts and souvenirs and enjoy the sights of the colourful buildings.

Tourists can enjoy visiting these popular attractions in Phuket. Andif you are tired after all the sightseeing and shopping, have a massage at the popular Phuket spa to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.