Five Tips To Choose A Tutor For Your Child

Home tuitions are the best option for parents, looking to provide extra coaching to their children. The tutors come at pre-determined time slots to teach the students in the convenience of their home. Home tuitions provide a lot of benefits to the students as well as their parents, like improved concentration, better grades, good understanding of the concepts, and customized teaching.

Most of the parents are confused about choosing a professional tutor for their children. There are a number of agencies providing tuition Singapore, which makes it a daunting task for the parents to select the right one. Here are some tips to help you search a right tuition agency.

Consider your priorities

When it comes to tuitions, there is no single solutions that suits all students. Parents have to consider a lot of factors like, cost, location, desired learning outcomes etc. before making the decision. They have to research all the available options and select a tuition Singapore center that suits their requirements and priorities.


Parents can speak to the child’s teachers, school counsellor etc., to get references for experienced tutors in the neighborhood. They can also speak to other parents or join parenting forums online to get recommendations for preferred tuition Singapore agencies which have qualified tutors.

Background search

Once you shortlist a few tutors based on the recommendations, Conduct a thorough background search of the preferred tutors. The tutor should be qualified and trained to offering tutoring services. The tutor must have good experience in teaching children. The tutor should not have any complaints for misconduct.

Track record

Parents should always choose a tutor with a good track record. Ask the tutor to provide references of past students. You can speak to their parents and know whether the tuition Singapore has helped to improve the conceptual knowledge and grades of the students.


The costs also play an important role in selecting tutors. However, the fees charged by the tutor depends on his qualification and experience. An experienced tutor who cleared a tutor training program may charge higher rates, while a college student with good knowledge may offer tutoring at low fees.  Consult a few tuition Singapore agencies, to know about the prevailing tuition prices in your city. Consider fees as one of the factors to help you choose a tutor, who can provide customized services to improve the performance of your child.