Fort Lauderdale Lot Owner Fined For Doing Something Good For The Community

It has been many years since Alvin Lewis gave the City of Fort Lauderdale permission to store their equipment on his lot that has always been empty. He said that he does not mind that they are using his lot because he thinks that it is good to be able to help their community in a way.

This year, Alvin’s neighbor told him that his lot is being used for other purposes by the city after they dumped gravel on the lot he is lending them. This time, he decided to speak with city worker.

Alvin shared that the city worker told him not to worry because they will take care of everything. He trusted their assurance and never bothered about it once more.

Majority of the gravel was taken from the lot but a thin layer is still visible. The problem came when Fort Lauderdale imposed a fine against Alvin worth more than $2,000 because of the very rocks that the city dumped in his lot.

This is when Alvin realized that he is being punished for doing something good for the community. The official from the city of Fort Lauderdale denied that they are the ones who dumped the rocks in there. After the story of Alvin has been aired in local television, Alvin went to a hearing in order to argue his side.

Alvin argued that it was the city who put the rocks in there but they continued to deny since there are no records that will point to the presence of the crew in that lot. This made Alvin angry and he pointed out that he has been lending his lot for the city for the last 17 years. A city official offered an apology for what the city has done to him in which Alvin was thankful.

It was then ruled that Alvin will have 6 months to grow the grass back before they have to deal with the fine. Despite it all, the city never admitted their fault and Alvin is sure he has witnesses.

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