From Craft Beer, Bangkok Is Now Turning To Craft Coffee

Eight years ago, Han Wang decided to change his life and relocate to Bangkok. This is a time when he would have noticed everything but the coffee is the one thing that stands out strongly. He was used to having balance with light roasts and flat whites during his college days in Australia but moving to the capital of Thailand has introduced him to new coffee flavours – either too sweet or to bitter to be taken in. This might also be the same observation from guests of convenient hotel in Sukhumvit because Bangkok has a coffee preference that can stand out.

The entire country has known oliang, the coffee that has a strong sweet taste added with ice. This particular coffee is a staple among the shop houses as well as the market stalls all over Thailand. This is why when Starbucks came into the country it has brought dark roasts along with Frappuccinos that were previously a foreign flavor to the locals.

Ever since his arrival, Wang is determined to find the best cup of coffee in Thailand. The determination came from the fact that he saw how third-wave coffee took Taiwan like a storm where he did a stint prior to moving in Bangkok. This is why the Malaysian-born thought he will be able to start a similar movement in the capital of the nation. After all, he is an entrepreneur.

Despite finishing a degree in psychology, he pursued his other passion and opened Phil Coffee Co with a store located inside an industrial neighbourhood. The business was launched with the help of his father along with two of his sisters. The first three years was a learning process for them but they eventually got to launch their flagship shop located inside the Ekkamaineighbourhood which is one of the most fashionable areas in Bangkok.

Ever since, many players have tried entering the market because aside from the nation being a coffee producer, it also has a lot of specialty coffee shops around the cities which are slowly reshaping the consumer market. Tourists booked at a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit would sometimes go around the busy city just to hunt for the best cup that will suit their tastes.