Getting Into The Economics Of Funeral Business – A Rewarding Business Of Giving Comfort In Time Of Grief

Death always comes to everyone eventually, which is a driving force for the success of funeral homes business. This type of business isn’t necessarily for everyone as one specific factor has to be considered before putting up this business – the death rate in the area of proximity.

The Australian Funeral Directors Association, or AFDA, reports that the death rates among Australians have since declined and is still going that direction. Although, the funeral industry is still gathering as much as $1 billion in revenue every year. The typical funeral package almost always includes a funeral director, in fact, there is a number of funeral directors in Mandurah, Perth, and Sydney who are a graduate of Mortuary schools and are licensed.
The convenience of information quickly available through the internet has encouraged many to organize their own funeral arrangements. This includes pre-planning services which, aside from becoming a trend, has many different options to suit one’s own preferences. The average rate for Funeral Directors in Mandurah is $1500 and a funeral service may be as much as $10,000 or even just $8000. Embalming is at $500 and a casket at around $2000.

Miscellaneous expenses such as that for obituary, decorations, and certificates are at $1000, which is also the rate for an entire funeral ceremony. It will also cost $2000 for digging a grave and another $2000 for the finished headstone.

The average salary for funeral directors in Mandurah is around $44,000 but becoming a fully licensed funeral director is not easy as it takes about 4 years to complete. The mortuary science program also includes an apprenticeship afterwards. The goal is to become well adept in marketing and managing skills. Familiarization of each specific client is also a key skill to develop. Knowing your market helps you modify your business plan and knowing your client improves your customer service and foster a sense of care. Although probably the most important one is the ability to master the practice of patience, sympathy and understanding. No matter how unique the funeral service may be, such as a heavily disfigurement of a corpse, it is up to the funeral director to present a balanced approach of professionalism. Showing compassion and completing the business transaction without seeming rude or indifferent.

In the whole of Australia, a typical funeral is priced around $8,000 to $10,000 which breaks down to $1,500 average fee for Funeral Directors in Mandurah, $500 for embalming and body presentation, $2,000 for a traditional wooden casket, $1,000 for funeral ceremony and viewing, $1000 for miscellaneous cost covering hearse, death certificates, obituary, personalized theme decoration, $2,000 cost for digging and grave lot and $2,000 for headstone. Funeral Pre-Planning services is also a popular business trend. People nowadays prefer to make their own funeral arrangements in advance and are likely to browse around for the best deal.

A licensed funeral director is required to undergo training under mortuary science programs ranging from two to four years plus apprenticeship. This is to develop solid managerial and marketing skills and to familiarize the market and the clientele. It pays off because according to Payscale, the average annual salary for Funeral Directors in Mandurah is $44,494, and self-employed operators may be earning much more. The key attribute to become one is an infinite amount of understanding and patience. This is because dealing with the loved ones whom the departed have left behind are still in grief and state of shock. Appropriate sympathy, while delivering the service and conducting the business transaction, must be displayed. The ability to work with corpses in a various state of disfigurement is also a necessity in this profession.

Services offered in time of shock and grief is driven more with passion than with profit. Most funeral directors consider their career a rewarding one. Aside from the financial profit, the satisfaction of giving comfort to the grieving is an intangible reward this industry takes pride in.