Glass Shower Doors Shattering Suddenly

Larry Kucharik from Oak Park in Illinois was sipping his coffee one morning when his wife warned him about an odd noise. They headed upstairs to check and in their unoccupied bathroom they saw the glass shower door in pieces and hazardous shards in the bathroom.

Kucharik mentioned to the ABC News, while he recalled the crackling sound that came from the shards, that it sounded similar to popcorn. And, for him, it was like someone hit it using a sledgehammer.

Shower doors shattering: a common case

This case that happened to Kucharik is a common case. According the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are greater than 60 complaints from all over the country during the last decade of the shower doors shattering for an unknown reason. The unexpected explosions can lead to bleeding and grave lacerations, based from CPSC incident reports acquired by the ABC News, with several requiring stitches or surgery after having glass “embedded” in skin or “covered in glass.” Manufacturer Kohler Co. in 2011, for example, recalled about 100 shower doors following the reports from consumers about doors shattering.

Reasons for shower doors shattering

The problem happens with the tempered glass that manufacturers use due to safety value. But, window expert Mark Meshulam said that pre-existing imperfections and damage are factors in the spontaneous shattering of doors.

He said that the primary cause for glass doors breaking is due to a form of glass damage in its edges. The next reason, according to him, is inclusions, which are microscopic imperfections that become larger internal cracks to pressure layers, then eventually leading to glass shattering.

The glass specialist, who has greater than 30 years of experience in glass investigation and consultation, mentioned that there are steps taken to avoid any shattering from happening.

Meshulam said that owners must check the glass edges for damage every year, and a safety film may be applied to a door to hold the glass together in case it breaks.

Summing up

A glass shower door price, or a frameless shower screen price, should not be a hindrance for owners to replace their glass showers when they find the need to, especially to avoid this problem.