Going Green with Organic Skin Care

Right now, the cosmetic industry is being dominated by formulated synthetic skin care products but due to information that is now so easily accessible, more and more people are now getting familiar with organic skin care. People are now becoming aware of the many benefits that organic skin care brings and with this awareness comes increased sales.

When people hear about organic skin care, they often think about skin products made from natural ingredients. Some people even question the effectiveness of organic products. But when you compare them with formulated chemical-based skin care products, you will see why organic skin care is the better choice.

First of all, people switch to organic skin care because of the benefits it has on the skin. What most people don’t understand about chemical-based skin care products is that they are often made ingredients or chemicals that can be very harmful to the body. Remember, whatever you apply in your skin is bound to get absorbed by the body. Of course, you wouldn’t any harmful substances entering your body. There are numerous side effects that one may experience when using chemical-based products such as inflammation, irritation, skin disorders, discoloration and it could even affect the body’s natural pH. What’s even worse is that some of the ingredients used to produce these inorganic skin care products are carcinogenics and can cause cancer. With organic skin care products, however, you are sure that the ingredients used are all natural and were grown sustainably using the most advanced methods. While chemical-based products are fast acting, they don’t offer long lasting results unlike organic skin care products that help restore the skin and make sure that problems don’t persist even when the use of the skin care products are discontinued.

But aside from the skin benefits of organic skin care products, another known benefit is that they are also environment friendly. Just the production of chemical-based products is known to be wasteful unlike organic products which are made from renewable ingredients. Also, chemical products are tested on animals unlike with organic skin care products like natural soothing handcream which is cruelty-free.