Golden Mount In Bangkok Now Under Investigation For Embezzlement

Many of the tourists in Bangkok are staying in hotel near Central Embassy in order to see the city’s popular attractions including its temple. Now one of its famous temples is facing a legal problem because of an issue that it is the subject of embezzlement. In a recent investigation, it was found out that the temple’s abbot has hidden wealth in his bank accounts amounting to $4 million US dollars. The clergy has already faced scandals before but this one is the latest among graft allegations.

According to reports, two monks who are assigned at the Wat Saket which is more popularly known as Golden Mount to the tourists were taken in by the police for questioning because they have been accused of funnelling the temple funds to their own pockets.

The police said that an arrest warrant is already made and is addressed to PhraPromprasit, the temple’s abbot. According to major-generalMaitriChimcherd who is the Crime Suppression Division’s commander, they were searching for the abbot because it was revealed that he is keeping 10 bank accounts and the total money inside is worth 130 million baht.

The accounts have already been frozen. He added that the temple is the last place the abbot was seen. Aside from the abbot, there are monks under investigation working for other temples in Bangkok. It is under investigation whether the money funded by the National Office of Buddhism intended for pastoral work as well as maintaining the temple has been stolen through embezzlement.

The nation is consists mainly of Buddhist people thus the investigation has not been received well by the entire community. Monks have been set in a higher standard because of the respect of the people and the temples they are serving are followed by a large number of believers.

Now the clergy is faced with many scandals including sex, murder, extortion as well as drugs. There were also allegations faced by monks which have been a shock to the local public.

Meanwhile, tourists continue to flood and stay at a hotel near Central Embassy seemingly unaware of the scandal the Buddhist community is currently facing and the effect it may have on their community.