Hair Wellness – The Role Of Castor Oil For Thicker And Longer Hair

Wearing a lush and long hair is pride for most women, that is why this article on Hair Loss and Care has been the go-to place for women seeking help and advice about their hair. Unfortunately, reality exposes our hair to a lot of impurities like pollution, UV rays, solar radiation, and dust. The state of well-being of the person also affects the appearance and health of the hair and is dependent on the person’s diet, emotional state, and active lifestyle. All these are factors attributing to the hair follicles getting the nutrients it needs for a gorgeous head of hair.

So many things may cause the hair to go dry, brittle, thin and eventually baldness. The worst fate that can happen to our crowning glory is hair loss. It can be in patches and it can occur on the entire head or baldness. Fortunately, this incident is completely reversible with the right approach. There are countless treatments to counter this, both natural and synthetic. Natural remedies include olive oil, avocado, and coconut oil but the best so far is the use of castor oil for the hair. Castor oil is the highlight of this article on Hair Loss and Care.

Why Castor Oil?

Castor oil is a variant of vegetable oil. Since it is natural, it is safe for consumption. So naturally it is safe for external application as well. Castor oil has waxing and lubricating properties beneficial for the hair. It remedies a lot of bad hair conditions. Its main benefit is to promote hair growth, although it also does well in preventing hair loss and moisturizing the hair. Both men and women are equally vulnerable to Alopecia or hair loss. As we age, it becomes inevitable to some especially those who genetically inherited such condition. Fortunately, this can be reduced with Castor oil.

How Does Castor Oil Promote Hair Growth?

The natural compound present in castor oil, Ricinoleic acid, is an essential amino acid needed by the human body. This Omega 9 fatty acid easily penetrates hair follicles and pores providing ample nourishment to restore hair growth back to its normal level. The hair follicles are where the hair growth starts, so the application of castor oil to the hair strands is useless.