Here’s Why Your AC Operating Costs Are High

KY – April 12, 2016 – Your air conditioner is one of the most convenient machines inside your home. Through your AC unit, you would be able to keep cool even in the hottest of temperatures regardless of how hot the outside may be. However, during the summer, your AC unit is working nonstop and because of this, it might do you some good to have it serviced from time to time.

Summer has always been depicted as the season of fun where people visit white sand beaches and get their skin tanned. But those are only fun for a short while and it is highly likely that you’ll be struggling to keep cool for the most part of summer. Luckily, you have your air conditioners to rely on. Unfortunately, summer is also the season where utility bills tend to increase and AC units aren’t an exception. But what happens when your AC operating costs are higher than usual but you haven’t done anything out of the ordinary? Chances are there is something wrong.

Here are some reasons why your AC operating costs are high.

  1. Poor Insulation. Insulation works to prevent cool air from escaping the house during hot days. If the insulation wasn’t properly placed, then the cool air would escape and thus the AC unit would have to work harder to cool your house and that means it would consume more energy than it should.
  2. Old & Worn Out Filters. When filters are dirty and clogged, it would hinder the circulation of the air and once again would cause the AC unit to work harder.
  3. Cracks in Windows & Doors. When there is a crack on your windows and your doors, the openings would allow warm air to enter into the house.
  4. When homeowners go out and no one is left inside the house, they tend to turn the AC unit off. But this also means that the house would become very warm and it would take quite a while before it can cool down once again. So when you leave, just turn the thermostat down to keep your house cool.
  5. Irregular Maintenance. Regular maintenance is needed for the AC unit to perform at its best. If the unit is seldom maintained, then a lot of problems could occur. Make sure you call the right people to conduct maintenance and AC repair and schedule regularly.