Historical Staircases Of Hong Kong On Google Maps

Historic staircases in Hong Kong’s urban jungle have been featured in several films but now it can be viewed by people through the internet using a desktop computer or smartphone. Any person can access the historic staircases by using the Street View Function of Google Maps. In Duddell Street you will see the staircase that was built between 1875 and 1889 with the last four gas lights of Hong Kong that has continued to burn on into the 21st century. Gas lamps can no longer be found in any other place in Hong Kong that is why the four gas lights are considered as historically significant.

Stone Slabs Street otherwise known as Pottinger Street in Hong Kong Central and Ladder Street in Sheung Van are more than a century old which makes them significantly interesting. The streets will remind you of the days when Hong Kong was under British rule. On the other hand, there are tourists who have great love for art and the staircase they should visit is PMQ’s 25-step staircase in Soho. Painting from artists all over Asia including France is displayed along the creativity center.

Through Google Maps, you get the chance to view the spectacular staircase leading to Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery in Sha Tin. The magnificent staircase is flanked by 500 gilded statues of arhats. Along the hilly Ngong Ping is a 360 rescue trail that is about 5.6 kilometers long. It is made from specially constructed concrete and stone paths with timber boardwalks.

According to Lau Chi-pang of Built Heritage Conservation, the addition of the staircases to Google Maps will help both foreign and local tourists understand the development of Hong Kong. People will rediscover the uniqueness of Hong Kong through an exploration of its local culture, nature and history.

Map illustrations of the staircases of Hong Kong will provide the viewer a better understanding of the historical site. Map illustrations are aesthetic representations of a specific area as viewed from above. The map illustration can also be used as a travel map because it is easier to understand and helps the traveller reach the location faster.