Holiday Shopping For Kiwis Are Changing

New data revealed that Kiwis are going to purchase a record number of books from various online shops this holiday season. The number might be able to compete with record of international shoppers. This is good news for international couriers in NZ because business will surge this Christmas.

According to Book Depository’s commercial director, Javier Rosales, the number of consumers from New Zealand buying books online is always the highest during the month of November because they are taking advantage of the promos and sales during Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday. Book Depository is delivering to 160 different countries worldwide but New Zealand is the second biggest nation they are servicing.

For this year, November 23 was the Black Friday sale and this is when people start shopping for Christmas gifts. They usually shops from retailers with physical shops. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, was celebrated on November 16 and this is dedicated mostly for online sales. The term was developed in 2005 and has been celebrated ever since.

According to Rosales, November is the peak for online shopping because they earn 55 per cent more compared to a regular month. For Kiwis, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are record-breaking shopping days. The sales are higher by three times compared to a regular Friday and Monday.

He added that these two days started in the United States because these coincide with their Thanksgiving holiday but the trend spread to New Zealand. The sales of from these two days are 12 per cent higher compared to the year before.

Rosales said that the increase in the number of online purchases has prompted them to open their promotion following the time zone in New Zealand in order to adapt with the consumers. He also clarified that while many worry about their purchases arriving on time before Christmas, this is something they have already prioritized to make sure that purchases made on both sales day will arrive well-ahead of Christmas time. It is a lot of pressure for international courier in NZ but they also understand that their consumers come before anything else.