Honda To Release Kumamon-Themed Super Cub Bike By Summer

There’ll be a new Honda motorcycle available come summer, as Honda Motor Co. revealed that they’ll be releasing a new iteration of their iconic Super Cub bike, featuring the popular mascot of the Kumamoto Prefecture, the black bear Kumamon.

The motorbike’s design was made at the request of the prefectural government, which asked that the manufacturer add Kumamon to their latest designs, made in commemoration of the production of the 100 millionth Super Cub in 2017.

Part of the objectives of the project is to lift up the spirits of the residents of Kumamoto prefecture, who are still suffering in the aftermath of the deadly April 2016 earthquakes that struck the prefecture.

The motorcycle is an iteration of the Cross Cub, a modified version of the Super Cub designed for off-road use with a more robust design. This iteration sports a black and red colour scheme, as well as Kumamon decals on each side.

The black bear has seen the bike, and has expressed his approval in a recent ceremony at the Kumamato Prefectural Government building. According to an interpreter at the ceremony, the mascot said that it wasn’t just a noteworthy Honda motorcycle, it was a good bike, overall, and it makes him feel like he’s travelling to many places across the world.

A Honda official spoke on the bike, saying that it’ll be handy for young people to go to school, so their hopes is that it’ll motivate people to help them enjoy riding bikes.

The bike, dubbed the Kumamon Cub, will be available in 50 cc and 110 cc models, with prices expected to sit around ¥300,000 (US$2,755) and ¥350,000 (US$3,214). The bikes will be made in Kumamoto itself, in Honda’s factory in the town of Ozu.

The Kumamon Cub model will only be available in Japan, but the prefectural government has stated that they might ask Honda to export the bike depending on how the overseas reaction is, with an official from the prefecture saying that both Kumamon and the Super Cub bike are popular across the world.

The Super Cub model has a reputation for being durable and fuel efficient, and its iterations are available across the world, in Southeast Asia and South America, in particular.

This collaboration is the third time the Kumamoto Prefecture and Honda have partnered together to release a Kumamon-themed Honda motorcycle, followed by the Monkey and Giorno bikes in 2014 and 2016, respectively.