How Fortnite Change The Video Game Landscape In 2018

Experts in the video game industry though single player might be out of the door soon because of the rise of multiplayer games such as Grand Theft Auto Online and World of Warcraft. There are many other cheap games in the market but these games have captured the attention of players and they invest not just hours but months and even years into playing. This is when developers know that they have hit the right note because the longer user plays, the more money they are going to earn.

It was quite surprising when single player games made a comeback this 2018 with titles such as God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man and Celeste. In fact, the opening weekend sales of Red Dead Redemption 2 made history for being the biggest ever since the advent of video games. If there is still some doubt left that single player games are here to say, it was surely squashed out by the introduction of Fortnite from Epic Games.

Even those who are not video game players became familiar with the game because of the dance move that originated from the game. This was only the beginning as the video game started to develop its very own subculture. In a figure released by the developer of Fortnite, almost 80 million players have signed up to Fortnite since August. To put things in perspective, that number is 20 million more compared to Great Britain’s total population.

Fortnite is expected to rake in around $2 billion for 2018 that it is not only considered as a game but a shift to the culture. There is no denying that the game of Fortnite has already made a great dent in the industry and is starting to reshape it. In fact, other games are already trying to follow suit with the Battle Royal model created by Fortnite.

It comes as no surprise because even cheap games follow the more dominant titles in order to stay relevant in the industry. Fortnite its creating its own path which is different from other games that have made it to the top before.