How Rahm Emanuel Changed The Skyline Of Chicago

Many would look at a North America Skyline Illustration and say that many of the cities have amazing skyline. Though New York has always been tagged to have the best, Chicago is making a run for its money. Rahm Emanuel, the outgoing mayor, has a hand for what it is now. He is believed to be the good change that happened to the commercial real estate.

He took oath back in 2011 and since then he had shared his two goals while in the office – to help the city rise from the Great Recession by boosting projects which will open more jobs and will encourage people to take root there and use the investments they receive to aid the unfortunate communities that are located in the western and southern sides.

His first goal was obviously a success because he has many accomplishments to speak for it. There are many programs in the city that were launched after he took office and he advocated for many of them. The job market also picked up and the lending environment also became better overall. These improvements are the reason why the number of construction projects increased in 2017. There is a significant jump in the number of job vacancies in the city and developers are snatching up the chance to create new communities within the city.

The downside is that many people believed that the rise of the city of Chicago happened in the expense of the communities that are less fortunate. They are now questioning whether the person who will carry the responsibility after he leaves the office will be able to undo the damage he has done to the poor neighborhoods of Chicago.

Despite it all, majority of investors in the real estate sector are in awe of the policies that were initiated by Emanuel. They truly believe that the North America Skyline Illustration will never be the same because of what he has done for the city. The redevelopment of the Fulton Market District was made possible and more opportunities opened up with the North Branch of the Chicago River because the zoning is not as strict as before.