How To Achieve Significant Energy Savings By Upgrading The Lighting System

Many homes and businesses are changing to LED lighting to save on energy and of course to improve their lighting systems. However, it does not mean that the project will solve all lighting-related problems and energy waste issues. Before you make an investment on LED lighting, make sure to take a closer look on your existing lighting system and environment.

Replacing your lighting system with LED can be expensive and it may not solve all your lighting issues. For example, if the overhead luminaire is in a wrong location relative to a work surface, the luminaire must be moved or the work surface itself. If there are obstacles that block light or create shadows, the obstacle must be moved. If the obstacle is fixed and cannot easily be moved, the existing lamp can be replaced with a much lower wattage so that shadows can be eliminated and at the same time save on energy usage.

One of the common issues with lights is dirt and dust. Instead of adding or replacing lights, a better option is to clean the lenses so that they will look like new. Many luminaires have adjustable shades and a different setting can improve lighting.

Replacement of magnetic ballasts is an upgrade but not necessarily to the whole system. Ballast’s can be upgraded and this will result into considerable every savings. For example, a warehouse that uses High Intensity Discharge (HID) luminaires has to replace the magnetic HID ballasts with eHID for the best advantages.

Electricians can add controls like automatic dimmers, daylight controls and occupancy controls to achieve significant energy savings. Conductors do not have to be upsized for significant improvements; it is enough to upsize the backbone conductors. Electrician emergency service can identify power quality problems and make the necessary corrections. It is important to address low power factor (LPF). If the existing ballasts do not have a PF correction, the manufacturer can suggest a possible fix for the ballasts.

Electrician emergency service has a commitment to provide exceptional workmanship and professional customer service. The experienced electricians can deliver the right solutions for significant energy savings in your lighting systems.