How To Ensure That Your Wall Art Is Different And Stands Apart From The Rest

People are generally constrained on their choice of wall art by the balance it has with the walls of the house and the general theme of the décor in the house. However, this article explains why it is sometimes good to break away from the presets of life to experiment and discover new styles. Terri Martin and Nathan Taylor will provide some tips to ensure that the decisions to be made while hanging up wall art are not bound by common conventions.

Terri Martin, a collector of art, has filled multiple spaces with her artworks, and so is one of the most appropriate ones to make suggestions on how to hang up art pieces. Another expert in this field is of course Nathan Taylor, who is a principal designer at Obelisk Home and he has assisted multiple clients in selecting art pieces for their house and in the appropriate placement of these art pieces around the house.

Nathan Taylor suggests that the creation of a gallery wall is in itself like the creation of a piece of art. It has the power to allow oneself to express themselves with different types of frames and colors. The easiest way to start the selection process is to choose a center picture. This center piece of wall art may not be placed in the center of your wall, but it will definitely be the most attractive art piece on the wall. Starting from this, one can branch out in all directions.

Terri Martin addresses the question of proportions by stating that most people just hang up small pieces of artwork above large furniture items like couches, but end up leaving the rest of their wall blank. This is a mistake according to her and people should embrace the ideology of using up more space for artwork. On the other hand, Nathan says that there may exist socially defined guidelines, but they don’t have to be adhered to like laws or rules. People should be able to experiment with different works of art and different scaling in the artwork to try and see what fits them best. After all, it is their wall and their house.