How To Handle Customer Complaints Efficiently

For many businesses, receiving a complaint from customers could hurt your ego. Instead of dwelling on the negativism of the complaint, you need instead to focus on the positive side of receiving such complaints.

What you need to do is to think of the complaint as an opportunity for your business. No matter how great your service and food is, you will occasionally be receiving complaints from your clients. Before you deal with them, have the mindset and approach every complaint as an opportunity that you can learn from and improve in your service. Being very positive in your response will make a great difference when handling the complaints. Think that you have an opportunity to do things rightly the second time around.

It is also important to learn to listen and apologize. Every time you receive a complaint, the first thing that you have to do is to ensure that you listen carefully to what the customer is saying and then acknowledge her complaint. As the manager of the restaurant you need to show that you take care of her concerns very seriously and you should do this by personally speaking with the complainant at the customer table. Take time to consider and understand what went wrong and thank the customer for being generously concerned and bringing the subject up. Tell them that you are happy in that if they had not spoken, the issue would not have been properly addressed.

Act quickly on the issue at hand. When you have already fully understood what the problem is, quickly resolve the problem and give your customer what he or she is asking for. For example, if the customer wants the beef to be cooked in a special way, ensure that you accommodate his request. Or offer him instead another item from the menu if he would prefer. After you have dealt with the complaint, get back to the customer and offer something extra to win his side like a free drink or a free dessert.

Complaints in Indian restaurants or any type of restaurants should be handled well in order to maintain a great customer experience in your restaurant.