How To Mitigate Water Damages On Home Appliances

One very frustrating circumstance is seeing your beloved home flooded. After the horrible experience, the first step you need to undertake is to assess the damage and look at areas that need immediate attention. In order to avoid extensive damage that usually occurs within 48 hours of the incident, it is highly suggested to call restoration experts and begin water mitigation.

How to avoid water damage in the event of a flood

Proper planning is the best way to avoid water damages. Whereas 90% of water damages can be attributed to natural disasters, 10% may be due to plumbing fixtures and certain appliances like the air conditioning unit and washing machine. Plumbing problems like a running toilet, leaking pipes or a malfunction on the dishwasher can result into preventable floods. The risks of flooding can be prevented by simply calling a plumber to fix the problem.

The air conditioner is a common appliance found in the home. Without proper maintenance, molds, mildew and ice can buildup in the condensation drain line which can result into a major problem. When clogs form, it can cause water to backup into the lines and eventually to your home. You can call on an appliance repairman who will install a drain line to remove overflowing water and direct it to an outdoor sewer. Water damage on your home might not be as extensive as a flood caused by rainwater but still, carpets and flooring can be expensive to clean or replace.

Leaks around the water hose of your washing machine are warning signs of an impending problem. Most insurance claims for flood damages are due to inoperative washing machine pipes. To avoid water damages due to washing machine issues, it is best to handle frequent hose inspections. It is also important to leave at least 1 foot to 2 feet space between the machine and the wall for movement while the wash cycle is running.

In the event of a flood, make sure to call appliance repair Louisville, KY to check the condition of your appliances. They are trained in procedures to restore the good working condition of your appliances.