Huntsville Center To Equip Medical Facility In Korea

The Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville’s Medical Outfitting and Transition program will be working with the Corps of Engineers Far East District, the Army Health Facility Planning Agency, as well as local contractors in order to ensure that the world’s largest overseas American military base has fully-equipped medical facilities.

Huntsville Center’s MOT will be providing complete turnkey project support, as well as IT equipment relocation, for the equipping and staff and patient transition into the Brian Allgood Army Community Hospital and Ambulatory Care Center, a new 772,000 ft2 facility set to open in November 2019, at Camp Humphreys, Republic of Korea.

The Far East District will be charge of the construction processes, as the design and construction agent for the US Forces situated in Korea.

Huntsville Center’s MOT program will be supporting the process by making sure that Camp Humphreys medical community has the necessary tools to complete the task of providing IT equipment relocation, among others.

MOT Project Manager JR Teer openly admitted that there have been challenges with the project; saying that the IO&T have taken on larger projects over the years, like the 1 million ft2 Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center, at Fort Hood, Texas. He has, however, stated that the BAACH project demanded more attention due to, in part, the challenges of geographical distance and language.

Teer stated that they managed to gather the requirements through coordination with the (Army Medical Command) Health Facility Planning Office, during the planning portion of the project, in order to ensure that the information relayed to the contractors based in the Republic was accurately translated. He says that, all-in-all, everything has been working out well and everybody is, more or less, on the same page.

For the MOT team, preparation includes the purchase and installation of furniture, IT and medical equipment necessary to provide services for the 45,000 service members, their families as well as other beneficiaries that call Camp Humphreys home.

According to Teer, about 95% of the equipment and furnishings that’ll go into the BAACH is new and that the MOT project delivery team have worked their hardest in order to make sure that every requirement is met.