Important Tips To Hire Divorce Solicitors

The divorce process involves a lot of steps like making an application before the magistrate, serving documents to the spouse, attending the hearings and custody arrangements of the children. Hiring an experienced family lawyer or divorce solicitor is an essential task that helps you to take care of your divorce proceedings in the family court.

Selecting the right divorce solicitors in Melbourne is a tricky task. Select a lawyer who has experience in dealing with cases like your type. If you have children below eighteen years, select divorce solicitors in Melbourne, who are experts in dealing with family courts. If your case involves formation of trusts and dealing with joint businesses, select a lawyers with good experience in the area. If you do not have adequate funds, opt for a junior lawyer.  You can also select a firm of lawyers to get the advantage of shared experience.

You can search for experienced and professional divorce solicitors in Melbourne in a number of ways. Ask for references from friends, colleagues and family members who have faced divorce proceeding. You can look the local newspapers and billboards for the ads of local divorce lawyers. The local phone books and business directors are also a good source to search for divorce lawyers. You can also search the internet for reputed divorce lawyers in your city. Most of the reputed lawyers and law firms have their own websites. The websites are the best way to know about the different services offered by the lawyers. The websites also contain the contact information of the lawyers.

Once you shortlist a few divorce solicitors in Melbourne to represent your case, request an initial consultation with them. The initial consultation will help you to know about the lawyer and his style of working. Ask questions about the experience of the lawyer in handling cases and his success rate. You can also know about your rights of getting legal aid and maintenance from the spouse by speaking to a lawyer. Also ask about the fees structure and payment schedule. The initial consultation will help you to get an idea about the services offered by a lawyer or a firm and the costs involved.

Select experienced and professional divorce solicitors in Melbourne, who have the required licenses and registrations.