Increasing Government Efforts To Make Myanmar A Tourist Destination

The government of Myanmar recognizes the importance of tourism in the country’s economic development. However, it is important for Yangon hotels to take into the account the level of service and the hospitality that guests want to experience. This untouched piece of paradise on earth must be promoted and marketed well to encourage more visitors.

Myanmar has recently identified southern Myanmar as the region with unexploited potential. The region has a sparse population and still relies on agriculture, plum oil production, rubber plantations, forestry and mining for subsistence. Tanintharyi Region in Southern Myanmar has recently revealed plans to boost growth through responsible tourism.

The riches of Tanintharyi can be found offshore in the Andaman Sea. The development of Tanintharyi as a tourism region will be spearheaded by politicians, diplomats, officials, tourism operators, travel agents, environmental groups and NGOs. The region has a wide variety of biodiversity from the ridge-to-reef to the rich cultural heritage of the semi-nomadic Moken sea gypsies.

Fisheries used to be productive in Myanmar but in the last decade, over-fishing and the use of dynamites have wiped out most of the species on coral reefs. Since processing facilities are limited, most of the bounty from the sea is smuggled or traded to Thailand.

For long term sustainability, new resorts and hotels must follow the strict environmental guidelines that do not allow the cutting of large trees, structures on corals and commercial laundry facilities. The Support to Territorial and Administrative Reform Project (Star) will promote sustainable and responsible tourism with help from experts of the Oikos Institute.

The Star project will also assist Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) to better promote the region. Increasing awareness plays a big role in promoting a new destination. Even if you have the most spectacular property in the world, people will not find you if they have never heard of the destination.

Since more and more visitors are arriving to explore Myanmar, Yangon hotels has improved its offerings from the inviting residence to high speed Wi-Fi and creative décor inspired by the local people and culture. The contemporary restaurant serves local and international flavours with a bountiful buffet and a la carte dishes from early morning to late night.