Industries That Will Benefit Most From Video Marketing

According to a research conducted by Cisco, it is estimated that by the year 2019, 80 per cent of the consumer traffic on the internet will be coming from videos. The figure might be astounding but it is not surprising at all. If you are on Facebook then you might have noticed that your newsfeed is now full of videos you can watch on the go. You might be recording videos every now and then to send to family and friends and Facetime is now the medium of communication between people who are far from one another because seeing someone’s face while talking is much better.

Looking at your habits in social media and the way you communicate, you might have noticed that there is an increasing number of businesses that are employing videos in their personal pages and website. It can be embedded as part of a blog post or it can be used as the banner video on the homepage. It is inevitable that video content is now a crucial part of businesses no matter the industry to aid them in their marketing strategies. Here are some of the industries that should use video marketing and would benefit most from it:

– Software as a service or SaaS companies. It might not be one of the most glamorous industries there is but they should be employing video marketing to their advantage. The fact that they are not glamorous is the very reason why they should add video content to their marketing strategy. It is one of the crucial way to connect with visitors and make an impact.
– Travel and hospitality companies. Pictures might say a lot but videos are even more than that. In an industry such as these, a video to show off the beautiful things the companies have to offer is such an important part of their marketing strategy.
– Healthcare. Health is very important to everyone. It is not easy to give your trust to a specific healthcare company thus a video is an effective marketing strategy to show what the company can do for their customers and the equipment they use.