Influx Of Same Sex Weddings Good News For Wedding Vendors

The beginning of this year is a historical month as Australia was able to witness the first same sex couples to tied the knot in the country. The wedding ceremony is filled with the people they love, friends and wedding suppliers. Over 20 suppliers including wedding planner in Sydney, florists and caterers were present during one of the same sex couple wedding. The couple, Benjamin Gresham and Michael Petchell won a competition and their price was the $40,000 wedding. Of the total amount, $31,470 was spent on services.

The parliament legalized gay marriage last month before 2017 came to an end. Ever since, analysts believe that the wedding industry will receive a 10 per cent boost because of the number of same sex marriage happening in 2018.

Wendy McColl was the organizer of the free gay wedding competition which the coupe won. She said that the entire industry is excited about the upcoming marriage. In fact, the wedding vendors are excited because they are going to witness some change in Australia’s wedding industry.

After over 10 years of failing to legalize same sex marriage, the moment they have been waiting for is finally here. With this, majority of the vendors are trying to change their marketing and purchasing strategies in order to cope with the new age. Simply put, bridal party has been replaced with a new term, wedding party. It is no secret that marriage rate in Australia is going down therefore vendors are excited about the small boost in the industry.

Tony Richens who operates Eikon, a gay website said that businesses are holding on to the small hope that they will gain value at the end of the day.

Cherelle Murphy, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group’s senior economist, said in a report that if 50 per cent of the total 46,899 same sex couples are going to get married in Australia then the economy will be able to generate 650 million in a span of one year.

The rise in same sex marriage is a happy news for couples as well as wedding planner in Sydney and other wedding vendors that are waiting for a little boost in their business.