Innovative Indian Answered Smog Problem In Office Buildings In Delhi

The capital of India, New Delhi, is currently covered in poisonous smog but the government is not doing anything to solve the problem. This is the reason why Kamal Meattle, a businessman, decided to find a solution to the problem. He was able to do it with an office building that is able to pump fresh air as good as those inhaled in the mountain. While other parts of the world are thinking about how to renovate office with artificial grass, Meattle is busy solving the suffering of the city.

The building is called Paharpur Business Centre and outsiders might view it as regular modern establishment but the interior is a virtual jungle. The rooms as well as the corridors of the building are composed of creepers and plants inside pots.

The greenhouse terrace features artificial grass and covered with green walls. Inside is a system referred to as air washing because it sucks in polluted air coming from the outside where it passes through a number of cleaning filters.

The air is then injected into the greenhouse where toxins and bacteria are eliminated with the help of the plants. The air conditioning is then responsible for delivering the air to the employees in the lower floors.

Meattle said that working inside his office building is similar to being in Switzerland or Kashmir. They are separated from the rest of the city because of their rooftop nursery. He added that people inside are basically living inside an air tank. The monitoring system of Paharpur revealed that PM2.5 which is the most toxic substance in the air is recorded at 415 outside while inside the system reveals it to be zero or nonexistent.

The level in the outside air is 16 times higher than then safe limit according to the World Health Organization.

Meattle said that instead of thinking about a new location where he can renovate office with artificial grass, he decided to find a solution to the problem. Without the clean office project he created, he will be forced to relocate somewhere else because of his health problems.