Japan Ski Holidays: Debunking The Mysteries Of The Hokkaido And Honshu Regions

Come winter break, and adventure enthusiasts will be raring to get out and find a nice ski spot. The most popular ski destinations like North America and Europe will be crowded. But another destination that is slowly rising in the ranks is Japan. After a small dip in the Japanese economy between 2005 and 2007, the Japanese snowsurfing industry has steadily gained popularity for its extremely fine powder and relatively cheap accommodation. Apart from this, Japan also has some geothermal hot springs, locally known as Onsen. All these reasons put together have allowed Japan to rise in the ranks as a popular skiing destination.

Tourists now come from all over the world to the two destinations for Japan ski holidays, Hokkaido and Honshu. The Hokkaido region is located in the North and is home to some amazing powder areas: Asahidake, Kiroro, Kurodake, Sapporo Teine and Tomamu. The Hokkaido region is beautified by the 14-18m annual snowfall, due to regular weather systems from Siberia that bring cold air across the Sea of Japan. The regions to the west of Hokkaido retain the top spots as the ones with the most snowfall, and Niseko is reported to have an almost continuous supply of snow. Further inland though, the snow is relatively reduced, but can still support large volumes of skiers. Another reason why international tourists might be interested in the Hokkaido region is its abundance of off-piste skiing locations.

The Honshu region is the main island of Japan, and contains numerous Mountains and Onsen. From the country’s capital, Tokyo, one can reach all the nearby ski destinations at low rates. The most popular regions for powder skiing in the Honshu region are Madarao, GetoKogen, Hakkaisan, Minowa, Tazawako, and Tenjindaira. Although the levels of snow in Honshu are lower than that in the Hokkaido region, there exist a few snow powerhouses such as the Tenjindairaregion which receives an annual snowfall of approximately 16 metres, and Hakkoda, which receives nearly immeasureable quantities of snow.

Onsenused to be considered as sacred places in the Japanese tradition, where people can be cured of disease and injuries. But now, it has become a hotspot for entertainment and a part of the Japan ski holidays package. The most favorable Onsen in Japan include NozawaOnsen, which is close to Mt.Madarao, GeroOnsen in the Gifu region, and finally Hakone Onsen, in the Kanagawa region.