Jefferson Elementary School Found To Have Asbestos Floor Tiles

The administration of the Jefferson Elementary school was supposed to update to modern floor tiles but the plan was postponed after it was found out that 10 of the rooms in the schools actually have asbestos flooring. Khris Thexton, the superintendent of the school, said that the asbestos tiles need to be removed first by a qualified abatement contractor before they can install the new floor tiles according to plan.

Thexton said that the asbestos floor tiles were installed many years ago. It was just undisturbed and even covered with new flooring since it does not pose any threat to the health of the people using the room. He is unsure though of the exact year that the tiles were installed. He added that aside from the 10 rooms, no other rooms were found to have asbestos and based on the school rules, they need to inform and remove the asbestos that were discovered upon renovation or replacement.

The school board is meeting at the Lincoln Elementary School in order to discuss an addendum to be added to the current flooring bid and the board needs to give the green light with regards to the abatement necessary to remove the asbestos tiles. Thexton said that they have no idea as to the estimated cost but the district will be accepting bids with regards to the process so they remain within the regulations set when it comes to removing and disposing any material containing asbestos.

The update of the school flooring is in line with the measure taken by the school in the last few summers to replace carpets as well as vinyl tiles in several of the schools in the district. The previous year, the upgrades were done on two schools – Park and Eisenhower. For this summer, Lincold and Jefferson are set to have replacement for their carpets.

Thexton clarified that throughout the abatement, students will be restricted from entering. They will be allowed entry to the building when the installation starts but not inside the room where the update is being conducted. The administration is hoping to see modern floor tiles for the schools once the summer is over.