King Arthur And Maps

The remake of famous movies are a big hit nowadays, one of which is the movie King Arthur, a movie from Guy Richie, an epic one that is set to be released and shown in cinemas soon. Just of the sake and of fun, there are people who though of creating graphical representations and maps of places that are significant to the movie and to the history that the movie wants to portray.
The irreverent version of the legend of King Arthur is set to open in cinemas in the UK last May 19. This was filmed in Snowdonia, the Forest of Dean and Windsor Castle, and this stars Charlie Hunnam as the cocky Arthur. This is where we can find that there might be a lot more places that are either a part of the legend or not.
An illustrated map has been created by Visit Britain showing the filming locations of the movie. The legends behind these locations have also been listed and told.
We have the following:
• Scotland
o Fairie Glens on the Isle of Skye – this was used in the filming of the movie. This has one of the most beautiful scenery in Britain.
o Caledonian Forest, Highlands – said to be one of King Arthur’s Twelve Battle sites.
o Loch Lomond Waterfall – Loch Lomond and The Trossachs are now National Parks
o Glasglow – where it is said he has defeated enemies
o Loch Arthur – search for the Lady of the Lake here
• North England
o Hadrian’s Wall, Cumbria
o Carlisle Castle, Cumbria
o Arthur’s Round Table, Cumbria – find King Arthur’s jousting arena here
• Wales
o Snowdonia National Park – perfect spot for mountaineering
o Bardsey Island – one can search for Excalibur here
o King Arthur’s Labyrinth, Powys
o Merlin’s Town, Carmarthen
• South England
o Warwick Castle, Warwickshire – you can try living like a knight here
o Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire – unearth King Arthur’s Cave
o Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset – rest with the kings here
o Windsor Great Park, Berkshire
o Tintagel Castle, Cornwall
All of these have ben included in the illustrated map that has been created for one to enjoy and peruse. Hope that they get to have fun watching the movie and looking at this illustrated map.