King’s College Opening Sister School In Thai Capital

There’s a new option coming for those looking for an international school in Bangkok, as 2020 will see the opening of the King’s College International School Bangkok, to be located in the Ratchada-Rama III area.

The new international school in Bangkok will be a sister school of King’s College Wimbledon in the UK, known for having around 25% of its students attend more prestigious institutions like Cambridge or Oxford. This gives it appeal to competitive Thai parents looking to provide the best education for their kids, with the aim of giving their kids the best chance of getting into top universities in the US and in Britain.

King’s College Bangkok Principal Thomas Banyard, says that there are parents that want nothing else but the best for their kids, and want to give them as many opportunities as they can. He says this is where that their school will give their students the best chances to get into universities in the Kingdom, but a lot of them think internationally, and want their kids to go to some of the best institutions in the world.

Recently, King’s College has expanded into Asia, establishing two new campuses in China, with the new one currently under development in the Thai capital. The hope is to repeat the success of the Wimbledon campus halfway across the world, while making sure that local culture and language as the centre of the curriculum.

This international school in Bangkok will be holding class in Thailand and English, with Mandarin as a tertiary language, unlike other schools of its kind.

King’s College Bangkok is currently under development on a 23 rai plot, which has 41,000m2 of usable space, with an estimated capacity of 1,500. Facilities in the school will include a 600-seat auditorium, as well as an Olympic-sized pool.

The project is a joint cooperation between King’s College and Excellence Education Thailand (XET), with XET President SakornSuksriwong acting as one of the co-founders of the school, who reports that the school is currently under development and should be operational come September 2020, with space for about 200 students for its first academic year; welcoming students between the age of 2 and 9, then expanding up its offerings.

Banyard says that it’ll be a slow and steady growth process in order to make sure that the quality of education in the school remains stable; part of the plan is to see how things go for the first year in order to see if they can speed up their growth plans.