KOCB Partners With Superior Tire For Recycling

A new partnership is born between KOCB or Keep Orange County Beautiful and the Superior Tire and Service which is based in Orange County. The collaboration’s main goal is to recycle tires that were gathered at the City of Orange Boat Ramp at the time of the Annual Community Trash-Off. The main sponsor of the event which was held on March 2 was Shangri La Gardens. During that event, they were able to collect a total of 200 tires. Tires are one of the most common items dealt with by junk removal Orange County when conducting cleanup for companies.

Shangri La Gardens’ director of education, Katie Krantz, said that it is typical for them to gather a few tires either from trucks or passenger cars. This is the first time though during the annual event which has been happening for a few years now that they were requested to be turned over to be recycled.

Superior Tire’s Mike Hughes said that there are a variety of tires collected during the event. There was even a few ones that came from heavy-duty vehicles and one which is obviously a tire from a tractor machine.

During the volunteer work, as they were cleaning up garbage, tires and debris, they have noticed how the community came together. More and more people joined and came out of their houses to participate.

Hughes said that as soon as people saw that they were collecting the tires, more people showed up in order to surrender their used ones for recycling.

As the cleanup was ongoing at the Boat Ramp, bags containing all the trash were directed to the dumpsters while workers from Superior Tire were tasked to unload the tires collected and organize them accordingly. Joe Henry along with his team said that they were also present during the event to make sure that all recyclable metal will be gathered.

KOCB was the one responsible for the trash bags used during the event and they also organized the event along with Southeast Texas Resources Conservation and Development to help shoulder the cost of tire recycling. With this event, hopefully more drivers will be encouraged to recycle with companies that offer junk removal Orange County instead of dumping their old ones in the landfill.