LAX Debuts now Rideshare Signage

The Los Angeles International Airport debuted on September 21, 2018 new signage aimed at making sure that a cost-effective transport solution is easier to acquire for travelers. The new signs will work with app-based ride services, with the additional aim of setting an industry standard.

Los Angeles World Airport officials partnered up with the American Association of Airport Executives, deployed the new signs earlier in September to help travelers through the airport find a cost-effective transport solution with their app-based ride services. These new signs use their own icon and a new term, Ride App Pickup, in order to distinguish them from the rest. The LAX is the first airport to use such signage in the US, and they are hoping that the rest of the country follow suit for their travelers.

The LAWA has stated that other airports have similar signage, but that they use different terms, which can be confusing for people. Deputy Executive Director for Operations and Emergency Management for LAWA, Keith Wilschetz says that the last thing a traveler needs after a long trip is confusion regarding where they need to go catch a ride or meet up with their Lyft or Uber driver.

He adds that, currently, every airport has their own signs and icons, which just adds stress for travelers and everyone else, and that, through their partnership with the AAAE, the private sector and other airports in the US, the LAX will be setting a standard in order to make it easier for travelers who opt for app-based ride services.

On top of that, LAWA officials also announce that the LAW Economy Lot C shuttle and the private parking shuttles will have their pickup areas moved from the Upper/Departures Level to the Lower/Arrivals Level. According to them, the move will help give guests more curbside area for guests to drop off at the Upper/Departures Level.

Director of AAAE Services Jared Pierce said that the standardization of terms and icons by airports for ride-app services will allow better connections between passengers and drivers at airports, starting at the LAX, with other airports across the US to follow suit.