Life In A Liveaboard During Portland’s Severe Winter

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There are other diving sites all over world but during winter, the boat owners have to temporarily suspend their operations. The winter season is a serious test for both liveaboards and landlubbers. December in Portland was colder with more snow than usual; however, the first week of January was worse with blizzard and subzero temperatures. A blizzard managed to dump an additional foot of snow in Portland.

There are 7liveaboards at the South Port Maine. At DiMillo’s Marina in Portland, the number of liveaboards was 58 – up from 36 last year. According to Amanda St. Peter, dock master at DiMillo’s the storm is not daunting enough for the floating neighbourhood. The marina only evacuated once during a storm in Patriot’s Day last 2007. Normally, even if there is a storm, it is business as usual.

At the South Port Maine, the winter’s freezing temperatures have dumped more ice on the docks that requires the staff to use a boat to break up the floes. According to family that returned from a recent trip, there was 4 inches of ice around the Traumerei.

Many liveaboards opt to shrink-wrap their boats during winter because it adds storage space and helps in containing heat. Even if the temperatures go below zero, the living space inside the boat remains warm and comfortable. The boats are securely properly on the dock. Blizzards can rock the boat making the owners feel like they are back in the open sea. However, when the boat is properly secured, they do not have to fear for their lives.

When it is winter in some countries, divers escape the bitter cold by travelling to Thailand where it is warm all year round. Divers usually join Thailand liveaboad to enjoy an adventure under the waters. The favourable weather, calm waters and abundant marine life makes the Similan Islands a perfect dive site.