Linkedin Lead Generation: Streamlining The Process

In simple terms of a marketing-minded person, when we say lead generation, it’s basically the process of initiating consumers to be interested into certain products or services that can be availed from a specific business establishment. It’s like inviting your potential consumers into buying or availing your products by the means of using leads. Now, what are leads? Leads can be extracted from various resources. For example, marketers send personal referrals to prospects. Another way of extracting leads is the use of advertisements especially during big events such as conferences and expos. Generally speaking, employing the use of lead generation is simply about advertising your business but there are also non-paid methods in which you can generate interests from consumers such as organic search engine results or personal referrals from previous clients. Nowadays, LinkedIn has been an alternative sources from which professional marketers all over the globe are getting their leads. With the recent introduction of the LinkedIn lead generation forms, the process of gathering has been furthermore streamlined which can be beneficial for marketers and businesses alike.

With the LinkedIn lead generation forms now active, it eliminates of the major problems most marketers face in gathering leads: relying on users to fill up the contact forms- which is harder to be completed when you are using your smartphones. With the said forms, users can just auto-fill the application form with the information that is saved in their LinkedIn profiles and then submit the form instantly. This is helpful for both users and marketers alike because users won’t have to spend time manually inputting the needed information into the form before submitting them. Like it or not, it’s always better if the data can be inputted automatically because some of us are just lazy to type. For marketers on the other hand, it eliminates their waiting period for users to fill up the forms and they can produce more leads now because the information is coming in at a faster rate. And since it’s LinkedIn, marketers can be assured that the information they will be receiving will be more accurate than what they will get from other website where users can fill up form by inputting false or even partial information.