Looking For Buyers Interested In Termite Infested Property

If you run away after reading infestation in termite inspections in Sydney then this property in Adelaide is not for you. The home has three bedrooms and is located at 8 McCartney St. Morphett Vale. It was auctioned last week but the property is in a very bad condition because of the termite damage which made it structurally unstable.

According to the marketing campaign for the property, it is ideal for experienced builders looking for a renovation project or it can be a good chance for someone to demolish it and construct their dream house from the ground up. The block covers 560 square meters.

The real estate agent of the property is Simon Paterson who is working for Century Paterson Properties. According to him, the vendors were not aware of the termite infestation when they listedtheir house on the market.

The original offer from the buyer was $280,000 and it was yet to undergo building inspection at the time of listing. After the inspection, the pests were discovered.

Mr. Paterson said that they hired building inspectors and the report revealed that thee termite damage was already on the critical stage that it has reached the roof area. The poor condition of the property will set the vendor by about $60,000 to $80,000.

Nonetheless, the sellers were happy that they did a building inspection before handing over the property to the new owners.

The home was constructed in the 1970s and majority of the material used is tile, brick veneer while the roof is made of truss. Mr. Paterson said that the house would have been in good condition were it not for the damage on the structure caused by the termites.

He added that the property can be saved but the repair is quite big that it will have to be sold to either a carpenter or a builder.

For its size, the land is valued at $220,000 but because of the issue, the price is set down to $199,000. This is a reminder that property vendors should conduct termite inspections in Sydney to make sure that the property they are selling is in good condition.