Mamma Mia! Has Over A Thousand Costumes

If you are not aware of the latest news then you must know that Mamma Mia! is already at Timaru. The production brought with them their container with a length of 40 feet and parked it right outside the Church St where the casts will be performing with the help from members of the musical theatre called South Canterbury Drama League. Mamma Mia is considered an important production thus the amount of things that comes with it.

Upon opening the container, there is a river of costumes in sequins, lycra, colors as well as fluro scuba diving masks. There are a lot of people behind the production and one of the most important role lies on the people keeping an inventory of all the costumes which are already more than a thousand plus the accessories. They are currently touring the entire New Zealand together with the large container so they can perform from theatre to theatre.

Many people might consider the job a nightmare of national proportion but Derryn Toomey who is I charge of the wardrobe says otherwise. Toomey resides in Nelson and she was given the task two years ago by the New Zealand Musical Theater Consortium.

Theatres that are showing the production are always excited to see her because their rehearsals, which could last for months, mostly consists of a piano, music and a script with no proper outfit or props. She revealed that for each venue she has to show up twice. She has to be there when the costumes are delivered to the next theater and she also has to be present during the packing of the costumes. In between these, rules and regulations are clearly given to the performers coming from the consortium.

Before the costumes and sets are sent for construction, approval must be given by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeu. Lesley Burkes-Harding is the main designer of the costumers. He has been working with the production since 2013. If you are looking for other movie and theater costumes, check out the options at TV Store Online Costumes.