More Women Are Being Recruited To Join Sailing Events

One of the reasons why you should learn to sail through RYA sailing Courses is to become intimately familiar with all aspects of a boat and how it relates to the wind, weather and the environment. Sailing is a sport that guarantees fulfillment but more so if you can actively participate. Sailing is an active endeavor with physical work but a relaxing pastime, as well.

It is widely accepted that sailing is dominated by men; however, there is still an opportunity to increase the participation of women by actively recruiting them to join. For sailing, that equates to being able to build a strong fan base at local level so that excellence will grow. The International Olympic Committee said that it wants a more balanced participation of men and women in sailing events.

At present, the number of women and men at sailing events are currently imbalanced because of the lack of Olympic caliber female sailors. At the Volvo Ocean Race, rules were changed to essentially require women onboard. Many of the teams are recruiting women as well as men even if they do not have offshore experience.

With the opportunities created by outstanding actions, will it increase women participation in sailing? According to Libby Greenhalgh, a navigators at Volvo Ocean Race, changes in rules resulted to 20 women in the race. Given the nature of the sport, 30% women in the crews is a good achievement.

The goal is to see 50-50 opportunity for women because previously there were only 13 women on the crew. If a network for women can be created, it will improve their leadership roles. Sailing is like an industry that in order to encourage women to join, they have to know the right people. Since the crew will be in the ocean for a while, they need crews they have sailed with before.

Because of the active nature of sailing, it is important for women to take RYA sailing Courses before they join sailing events. Learning to sail is not complicated particularly for those interested in the sport. Participants can easily achieve a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.