New Drafted Law Aimed At Reducing Teenage Pregnancies In Thailand

A new draft law has been created and announced which aimed to reduce the teenage pregnancy in Thailand and also provide assistance to very young mothers. Over the last decade, teenage pregnancy has been one of the primary problems in Thailand. The records show that in every two hours, a baby is born to a mother who is younger than 15 years old. This makes Thailand 11th in the ranking for teen pregnancies across the globe. Every year, the teenage pregnancy in the country accounts for almost 10 percent of the overall 800,000 pregnancies.

The president of the National Legislative Assembly committee on public health, Jetn Siratharanont, said that their organization believes that the law will help improve the escalating problem of teenage pregnancy in the country. He further contends that the nation needs a law and not merely rules. He also envisioned and said that if the draft becomes a law, they are expecting the numbers of teen pregnancies to go down. The new law will prescribe an education to sex among teenagers. Students will be taught in classes how to refuse and stay away from sexual advances.

The new bill

The bill which is known as the Prevention of and Solutions to Teenage Pregnancy, is being proposed by the Public Health Ministry and this particular bill has already received full support from the Cabinet. The said bill now requires a review coming from the Council of State before it will ultimately become a new law in the land. The bill will be focusing on young girls between the ages of 10 and 19. It will also include sex education and an easier access to condoms for the young teens.

Abortion is illegal

In Thailand, abortion is illegal that is why people are encouraged to undergo sex education as this is an important step in reducing the number of young mothers who have no other option but to carry the child in their belly.

This pressing issue affects Thailand as a nation as it looks on the youth to be the bearer of the proud country in the future. Bangkok legal firm, groups of businesses and other professionals are mostly supportive of this newly drafted law.