New Guidelines For Businesses With Bathrooms

There are new guidelines have been issued by the state attorney general together with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. It is focused on helping businesses deal when it comes to people who are abusing their rights provided by the transgender law. It also covers the wrong ways of using the bathrooms as well as the designated changing areas. This is a statement issued by the agencies.

According to the office of Maura Healey, employees of public business have the right to act whenever a person is behaving improperly or against the law when it comes to bathroom use. This is regardless of the gender of the person just as long as misconduct has been committed. The employees have the right to act accordingly on whatever their protocol is when it comes to this situation – either by asking the patron to depart from the business establishment or to call the authority for assistance. If an individual uses gender equality just to use a facility that have been segregated for both genders and commit misconduct then the person may be referred to the authority.

Healey also issued a warning to business who could get in trouble with the law if the call the authority just to harass an individual who is a transgender. It is also not right for business to asking for proof of gender identity to their patrons as they could get in trouble.

The rules have specifically stated that the employees as well as the business are not allowed to ask for any identification just to determine the gender of an individual. The guidelines, on the other hand, instructed that businesses should treat an individual’s identity as deep personal information.

The guidelines from the MCAD states that the gender identity means it is the individual’s internal knowledge of what they are and how they want to express themselves.

According to Massachusetts Retailers Association’s Jon Hurst, they welcome the guidelines because it is important for businesses especially small ones to have guidance because they don’t usually have access to legal counsel and they don’t know how they should deal with the new laws in place.

For more functional bathrooms, businesses should put in place a Compact Vanity Unit.