New Packaging For Coke Products To Enhance Global Presence

Even big brands are rolling out new packaging designs in order to further enhance their global presence. Coca Cola is one of the most recognizable brands all over the world and it is unifying its product portfolio by using that highly popular “red disc” emblem. Coca cola aims to create a single voice across all its products through their “One Brand” marketing strategy.

Red Disc was manually created for Coca Cola in the 1930’s and was refined in 1947 to become a retail signage. Red disc will be incorporated alongside the series of colors that include red, black, silver and green that are being used to distinguish different Coca Cola products. You will find the red disc design on cans and bottles of Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coca Cola Life to ensure consistency.

The new packaging design signifies a shift to a visual language wherein the classic red disc will be more prominent than other design elements that are highly associated with the Coke brand. The packaging design will be bold but it will preserve simplicity. Red which is the more popular color used by Coke will be retained while the circular shape of the disc will be applied on the cylindrical bottles and cans and square/rectangular shaped refrigerator packs. .

Various applications of the unified packaging design will depend on country, environment and context. The first of the new packaging will roll out in Mexico in May while similar versions will be seen worldwide from 2016 to 2017. Various colors used by the Coke Brand are in line with its commitment to help consumers make informed decisions by easily identifying the drink that does not contain sugar and caffeine. The launch of its new product Coca Cola Zero Sugar will encourage people to choose a drink without sugar on its contents.

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