New Sportbike Introduced After Recycling V-twin Engine

If you are living in Hudson Valley then you must know that there is so much high quality coffee that can be tried in the area. Despite this, new establishments are still cropping up out of nowhere and it is always rewarding to try new ones. This is especially true for people who have a passion for motorcycles. The new business in Hudson Valley is built inside a muti-use establishment that is also home to motorcycles. The café is called Moto Coffee Machine. One will be able to drink brewed and pressed coffee together with handmade waffles while looking at none other than motorcycles. In one place you will be able to order your favourite sandwich together with your fill of coffee and then get a chance to look around the place which houses accessories and gears for motorcycle lovers. On display are some classic racer bikes parked inside the café.

According to Aaron Dibben, a coffee master and also the former owner of a Swallow, still remembers the times several years ago when Antony Katz would visit the coffee shop to get his morning brew. Antony owns a design business just a couple blocks away and there are motorcycles parts used as display on the front window of the shop. Dibben has been asking Katz a few times in a joking manner if he is planning to open a motorcycle shop. Katz was the one who told him about the concept of a business in a multi-use establishment and this is where he got the idea. They started planning about the coffee shop’s layout and then several months later it came into fruition. The coffee shop has been in operation for two years now.

Moto Coffee Machine started through the design made by Katz who is a graphic designer. This is a perfect example of how the graphics industry has been changed by digital revolution because the designer is no longer in charge of all aspects but some works are managed by the film developer or the printer itself. For fans of Moto Guzzi GB and other motorcycle brands, this coffee shop is the perfect hangout.