Obrien – An Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Denis O’Brien is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. The Ireland businessman is the patron of Digicel foundation and founder of Denis O’Brien foundation.  The renowned businessman was bought up in Dublin. He gained business acumen from his father and the social sense from his mother.Though his first venture failed and he lost a lot of money because of it, the visionary businessman decided to obtain the Radio license from the Irish government. He secured the license and launched 98 FM in the year 1989. By 1993, the radio station started earning profits.

Later, Denis Obrien branched out his business and entered into the telecom sector. He set up Esat Telecom and offered private landline service to businessmen. The company was not profitable and faced a financial collapse. Later he formed a consortium with Telenor and applied for a license to operate mobile business. This saved Esat from the financial collapse. He later sold his shares in Esat to British Telecom.

In 2001, Denis Obrien obtained mobile phone license in Jamaica and established Digicel. Within two years of establishment, the company has captured around two thirds of the country’s mobile phone customers. He replicated the success formula in the Caribbean and south pacific and returned to Ireland.

He became popular for his philanthropic ventures in the year 2003, when he worked as the chairman of the Special Olympics games, in Ireland. He contributed a lot of funds for the development of Haiti, which was hit by a massive earthquake in the year 2010.  He donated twelve million dollars to rebuild the Iron market in Haiti. He worked with Clinton foundation to uplift the weaker sections of Haiti.

The Digicel foundation works tirelessly for the development of the poorer sections in Haiti and Jamaica. Itpartners with other not for profit organizations like Denis Obrien foundation and Camara education to provide state-of-the-art schools and modern technologies for the schools in these countries. The foundation promotes and supports innovative projects that contribute to the development of the poorer sections of the society. The foundation works on a number of causes through its various programs.